Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chastity Update - Toilet Box Pix

Thought i'd post a quick update regarding chastity and attach the pics from the revised slave box.

It's actually getting very, well, difficult being in the device. i so want to touch and feel pleasure. Even just writing this, my device is becoming "full" thinking of what Maitresse is requiring of Her slave. i can only imagine what it would be like to be in total key-holder chastity for weeks or months! It would be pure torture for the slave but i am very sure it would also make a very compliant slave. i love Maitresse holding my key and find myself thinking about what it would be like for Her to hold the ONLY key. This prospect, surly spurred on by my exponentially increasing arousal and frankly, growing "lust and desire" adds to the slaves plight. What truly has been a prevailing thought, though, has been the thought of going through such a trial before service to Maitresse and then, kept in the condition through extended toilet service.... perhaps suffering the assured torture of the kali's teeth. This idea goes on to include being a full and complete toilet with nothing to eat or drink other than Goddess's bodily gifts for several days.

The major down side to this punishment is the pain it is now starting to cause. my scrotum is being to chafe and hurt. i try to keep lotion on the inside of the ring which helps. i am also beginning to bruise i think or at least become very sore. At times, a burning in the bottom of the scrotal area is pretty heavy but more often than not i can "work" the skin a bit to find relief. i've been trying to keep an eye for any unnatural discoloration but i have a feeling by the time Friday arrives, i'm going to be pretty sore and not just from "blue balls".

i hope Maitresse is pleased with the direction of Her experiment / requirement / domination of Her slave. Without a doubt, it has already been an "experience" for the slave.

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